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Labs, originally to replace the turnouts firefighters use but are now used by Barry Allen for his vigilante activities as the Flash. It was used at the Ferris Air Testing Facility outside of Central City, and it got destroyed while Barry was wearing it. Labs, originally made it for firefighters, had the suit readied for Barry Allen so that he could test his new-found speed powers for the first time.The future suit is similar to the suit seen in the article from the future.It is a brighter red, has gold piping (in the shape of lightning bolts), a gold belt, and there is thick gold lining on his forearms (similar to where his gloves would end).After General Wade Eiling attempted to injure The Flash by throwing acid on him, he was forced to run as fast as he could to wear it off.

Eddie Peck (Tommy Mc Kay) and John Hoge (Detective Ratagan). Barry is seen wearing this suit when he followed the Reverse Flash back in time to stop him from killing his younger self.This suit was first seen after Barry from 2017 travelled to 2024 to find answers and questions about Savitar.He did so by upgrading Barry's suit, mimicking the design of the future suit's emblem from the digital future article of Barry that Gideon showed them when they first met her.While a simple alteration, it was a very noticeable and appreciated redesign to the suit, with the recoloring of the emblem's background from crimson to white.

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2024 Barry helped 2017 Barry to fight future Mirror Master and future Top and both Flashes arrested them.