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Speed dating church

It was a little flower that has long ago crumbled (though I kept it for a long time) and a little thing that he said, but both helped start a life-long relationship.

It may not seem like a lot to send out a postcard or recipe, or to email an invitation, but never underestimate how the Lord can use these actions to create a life-long relationship with a visitor to your church.

If you are unfamiliar with Speed Dating, this is where single people spend a few minutes with a potential romantic interest over coffee, dessert, or some shared activity (one recent speed dating event for farmers had folks weeding a field together) and then they move on to the next person.

Though lasting a bit longer, some churches offer a sort of speed dating experience to unchurched members of their communities.

All of these events are lots of work to put on, consist of great programs, and usually many unchurched people attend.

These events are a wonderful way to introduce the church to the community, but as with any relationship, you need to actively work to develop the relationship if you don’t want people to leave each one as unconnected with the church as when they came to the first one.

The church staff breathes a big sigh of relief to have that activity over for the year.

Next comes the Christmas Eve service; then the New Year’s Eve Watch Night service (and one eye is on Easter that comes quickly in the new year).

Many churches assume that if people come to a holiday event at the church for children, such as an alternative Halloween event or Christmas Party, if they like it they will automatically come on Sunday for your Kids Kove (or whatever you call your children’s program).

I just wanted to tell you that I had such a fun time! But speed dating did to see people first hand and talking to different folks for five minutes was fun.

Doing this have brought new life into me because I have been single for so long and I tried online dating and even life coach dating and it did not work.

Once you get names, there are many ways to reach out to people to develop a relationship by starting out with sending out some sort of thank you for attending with an upbeat invitation to come back to church.

There are so many events coming up in the fall and all of them give you a natural opportunity to reach out.

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