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You can probably register ahead of time using the form @Dirty-flow linked in his answer but according to the law you will need to register yourself in 24 hours or if someone provide you with accommodation they will need to do this in 12.You can read Article 75 of the law regarding foreigners from the Ministry of Interior's site.So the way I read it is that any place you stay you or the person/organization providing you with accommodation in Serbia will have to register with local police within 24 hours if your stay at that location is longer then 24 hours.So with that in mind: Airlines will not provide you with registration unless they let you stay on their property in Serbia.

REGISTRATION OF FOREIGNERS Serbian organizations and individuals providing accommodation to foreigners against payment, as well as locals hosting visiting foreigners, must register the foreigner’s stay with the local police station within 24 hours of the commencement of the accommodation arrangement, or of the foreign visitor’s arrival.We brought along the passports, the hosts ID card, proof of apartment ownership (just in case).Upon leaving the country at the Belgrade airport, no one asked for the proof.A country like Serbia obligates you to register your stay within 24h.Now how to understand that if you move constantly and do not stay in a place where they do it for you.

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