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Depression is a common problem that can occur following trauma.It involves feelings of sadness or low mood that last more than just a few days.CBT can help patients change negative styles of thinking and acting that can lead to both depression and PTSD.

Trouble coping with painful experiences or losses often leads to depression.

It can affect your eating and sleeping, how you think, and how you feel about yourself.

In any given year, almost 1 in 10 adult Americans has some type of depression (1). For example, a survey of survivors from the Oklahoma City bombing showed that 23% had depression after the bombing.

Be aware that there are effective treatments for both depression and PTSD.

If you think you may be depressed, talk to your doctor or see Where to Get Help for more mental health resources.

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Application of over-the-counter topical or oral medications may also be done to relieve from pain, itching, redness or inflammation.