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Petersen Mitochondrial phylogeography, subspecific taxonomy, and conservation genetics of sandhill cranes (Grus canadensis; Aves: Gruidae), Judith M. Johnson, and Carey Krajewski Modeling whole-tree carbon assimilation rate using observed transpiration rates and needle sugar carbon isotope ratios, Jia Hu, David J. Driscoll Mineralogy of Mine Waste at the Vermont Asbestos Group Mine, Belvidere Mountain, Vermont, Denise M. Piatak Mitochondrial DNA rearrangement associated with fertility restoration and cytoplasmic reversion to fertility in cytoplasmic male sterile Phaseolus vulgaris L., Sally Mac Kenzie, D. This can be a foot, a leg, the entire upper or lower body or even be all of the person. Matrix-Assisted Laser Desorption/Ionization Time-of-Flight Mass Spectrometry Characterization of Primary Amine End-Functionalized Polystyrene and Poly(methyl methacrylate) Synthesized by Living Anionic Polymerization Techniques, Haining Ji, Georgios Sakellariou, and Jimmy W. Bloom, Gregory Snow, and D0 Collaboration Measurement of the Zγ → ννγ Production Cross Section and Limits on Anomalous ZZγ and Zγγ Couplings in pp Collisions at √s= 1.96 Te V, V.

Denell Molecular characterization of Mycobacterium tuberculosis complex isolates from wild ungulates in south-central Spain, Christian Gortazar, Joaquín Vicente, Sofia Samper, Joseba M. Vredenburg, Mark Jennings, and Allan Larson Monitoring of Transmission of Tuberculosis between Wild Boars and Cattle: Genotypical Analysis of Strains by Molecular Epidemiology Techniques, Andrea Serraino, Giulia Marchetti, Valeria Sanguinetti, Maria Cristina Rossi, Renato Giulio Zanoni, Lidia Catozzi, Alessandra Bandera, Walter Dini, Walter Mignone, Fabio Franzetti, and Andrea Gori Monitoring Solitary Bees in Modified Wildland Habitats: Implications for Bee Ecology and Conservation, Gordon Frankie, Robbin W. Scheuble, Katie Johnson, Karina Shreffler, and Rebekah Young NATIVE DAUGHTERS, Christina Devries, Jordan Pascale, Shannon Smith, Katie Stearns, Carson Vaughan, Molly Young, Clay Lomneth, Alan Eno, Astrid Munn, Matt Buxton, judi m. Janovy Jr., Jillian Tikka Detwiler, Samana Schwank, Matthew G. Langford New Genus and Species of Aporocotylidae (Digenea) from a Basal Actinopterygian, the American Paddlefish, Polyodon spathula, (Acipenseriformes: Polyodontidae) from the Mississippi Delta, Stephen A. (Nematoda: Trichostrongyloidea) and a Key to Species in Ruminants of North America, J. Mays Movement Patterns and Behavior at Winter-Feeding and Fall Baiting Stations in a Population of White-Tailed Deer Infected with Bovine Tuberculosis in the Northeastern Lower Peninsula of Michigan, Mark Stephen Garner Movements and Population Structure of Humpback Whales in the North Pacific, John Calambokidis; Gretchehn Steiger; Janice Straley; Louis Herman; Salvatore Cerchio; Dan Salden; Jorge Urban R.; Jeff Jacobsen; Olga von Ziegesar; Kenneth Balcomb; Christine Gabriele; Marilyn Dahlheim; Senzo Uchida; Graeme Ellis; Yukifumi Miyamura; Paloma Ladron de Guevara P.; Manami Yamaguchi; Fumihiko Sato; Sally Mizroch; Lisa Schlender; Jay Barlow; and Terrance Quinn, II Movements of House Sparrows Captured at an Experimental Grain Station in Fargo, North Dakota, Lisa M. Griswold, Jong-Yoon Kim, and Shanthi Kappagoda Monographic revision of the southern South American stag beetles of the genera Pycnosiphorus solier and Erichius maes (Coleoptera: Lucanidae: Lucaninae), and molecular systematics of lucanidae, Matthew J Paulsen Monte Carlo assessments of goodness-of-fit for ecological simulation models, Lance A. Gido, Ulrike Staudinger, Roland Weidisch, David Uhrig, and Jimmy W.

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(Hymenoptera: Pteromalidae), Pupal Parasitoids of Filth Flies (Diptera), David B.