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Dating lebanon girls

Unlike so many other countries in the region, people here do their best to respect the religious differences of others simply because so many religious groups live in the country.

Now that you have some background on the country, it's time to get to the good stuff: Lebanese women.

Sometimes they'll send a third party to break the ice with you, or they'll simply add you on Facebook instead. Because it allows them to check your religion, social status, education and anything else they want to know about you before they agree to meet you.

Women approaching strange men to chat to them is frowned upon here, even though Lebanon is quite a liberal country.

If you do catch the eye of a Lebanese girl she'll move from dating, to being intimate, to marriage in the space of a few weeks.

Once they've decided you're going to be their husband they won't understand why you might not feel the same way, or be in as much of a hurry to settle down.

The Lebanon people see today pales in comparison to the Lebanon of the 50s and 60s, which was compared to Paris or Zurich in its importance as a city of culture, wealth and fashion.

They're far less defensive when they're shopping, plus they're also away from the prying eyes, and flapping mouths, of most of their friends.Lebanon is a Middle Eastern country bordered by Syria, Jordan and Israel.The country is officially known as the Lebanese Republic, but most people simply refer to it as Lebanon.We already mentioned that the Lebanese people are naturally friendly, and many of them are well educated too.This extends to the women here, in that they're also friendly, but the dating scene here is very different to what you might have found in other Arabic countries.

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You'll have absolutely no problems if you're a Muslim and want to marry a Muslim girl living in Lebanon.

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