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Parham had moved to Texas, and, in December of 1905 he opened the Bible Training School in Houston.

Seymour asked Parham if he could join the Bible school.

While living in Houston, Seymour also met Neeley Terry, a woman who had moved from Los Angeles and who was part of the Holiness movement.

What happened next is hard to verify: Seymour was either led to Los Angeles by Terry, or he traveled there on his own, intrigued by Terry's descriptions of what was happening in the city's religious community.

In 1905 he settled in Houston, where his family had moved.

While working as a waiter in upscale restaurants and hotels, he joined the Simpson Chapel Methodist Episcopal Church, which was an African-American congregation of the predominately white Methodist Episcopal Church.

In 1900 he moved to Cincinnati, Ohio, where he joined the Church of God Restoration Movement, which was also called The Evening Light Saints.

The attack caused him to lose his left eye (later in life he used a glass eye).

His recovery from the potentially fatal illness compelled him to become a preacher, and in 1902 he was ordained as a minister in the Church of God.

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Parham agreed, but because of his segregationist tendencies he would not provide Seymour with a seat in the class.