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Amor hilton dating

Alvin Johnson (Nick Cannon) is an extremely intelligent nerd under consideration for a General Motors scholarship, as he is skilled in designing engines.

He has also taken up a job as a pool cleaner, to raise money to buy an expensive car part.

When Paris crashes her mother's expensive SUV during an argument with Dru, Alvin agrees to repair the car in return for two weeks of dating.

There is a school basketball game, and the nerds are threatened by the athletes to move to sit somewhere else.

At the basketball game, Alvin stands up for his nerd friends against the basketball players.

Alvin finally redeems himself in front of everyone.

Alvin's nerd friends begin dating popular girls too.

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The beauty - currently dating former baseball star A-Rod - used the subway poles as her own personal dance prop as she showed off her moves in a crop top.

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  1. If women were entered into the mix, with all our masculine weaknesses and insecurities, it would be near to impossible. Maybe that's just my justification for the segregation. But, I do believe that given the wisdom our ancient Brethren evinced in all manner of things, they must have had their reasons.